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Hi folks,

my name is Harald Illeditsch, founder of Premium Blend Mixing. I would like to share a few words about the company and on myself with you:

My Biography starts in Vienna, the capital of classical music, where I was born a few years ago ;-). Music has been a big part of my life since my early childhood. Like many people of my age I grew up with a mother who was in love with Elvis Presley as a young girl. She introduced me to Rock & Roll, Soul and Gospel music. From the early age of 3 years I was always drawn to musical instruments, especially fascinated by the trumpet, which I started learning to play a few years later. My first magic cornerstone in my musical development was listening to an Elton John Greatest Hits compilation, which my mother bought for christmas. I was instantly captured by the music and got wrapped into his sound, making me something like a big fan ever since. The sound of 70’s Pop & Rock Music as well as the Singer & Songwriters from the same era have therefore influenced my way of approaching a mix nowadays.

My love for the music of Elton John and other pianist singers like Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joel and Tori Amos (just to name a few) strongly inherited my wish in learning to play the piano. I started to teach myself to play simple versions of my favourite pop songs on an old upright piano at a friend’s place. Later at the age of 16 I finally got my first serious piano lesson. The teacher introduced me to the wide world of classical music which became another cornerstone in my musical development. Though 16 years is usually quite late for a fresh start in learning an instrument, I was very determined and a few years later I did pass the entry exam at the prestigious University of Music in Vienna. All these years studying classical music and preparing solo piano works and small ensemble works made me look at music differently. My studies of composer biographies, music theory and the structure as well as the arrangement of music let me approach a mix in a different way today. Caused by years of deep analysis of classical music, I am able to hear a lot of details in a mix that maybe other people don’t.

I was always enourmusly interested in the art of music recording itself. Therefore a few years after graduating from the University of Music in Vienna with a masters degree in piano education and performance, I went to New York City to study the field of audio engineering at SAE NY. My major influence was my teacher Michael White, who’s biography reads like the who is who in recording industry. Michael White is a long time professional, who has worked with famous artists such as Whitney Houston and James Taylor. After finsihing SAE with an audio engineering diploma I returned to Vienna, working as a freelance audio engineer. I started with recording and mixing a couple of classical works.

A few years later I moved to the exciting city of Singapore. Shortly after arriving in Singapore, Michael White announced, that he was starting his own online music production school. I jumped on board and have been honing my mixing skills under his guidance ever since. Michael is the mentor who helped me develop my mixing skills and also played a major role in helping me start my career as a mix engineer. So I founded Premium Blend Mixing with the service of mixing as well as mastering audio.

In 2016 i moved back to Austria in Central Europe from where I do all my mixing and mastering work. So wherever you are in the world, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need someone who is mixing or mastering the great songs you already recorded. Thank’s to the development of the telecommunications age we can easily share recorded files and mixes, no matter where you live or work.

But what does it sound like if I do approach a mix these day’s? Well, let’s find out!

I welcome you to head over to my samples section and listen to the work I have done in the past few years.

Harald stirring the files up.

Each engineer has his fovourite gear. Here’s a glimpse at some of my faves.

Log time ago: Harald studying at SAE NY.

Doing some cable work.