Premium Blend Mixing
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How you transfer your data and what you need to be aware of.

Premium Blend Mixing wants this process to be without any difficulty for you. So please read this information and the FAQ’s so that you know who this online mixing service works. To guarantee a smooth and fast service I need your cooperation on some points.


File and audio format

The file format has to be either WAV or AIFF. Samplerates may be 44.1, 46, 88.2 or 96kHz and they should be either in 16 or 24 bit.

Important: All files of a song need to have the same (!) sample rate and bit depth.


Mono vs. stereo

You can send mono and stereo files for mixing purposes. Important: stereo files count as 2 audio tracks! Example: "String L & R" will be counted as two tracks.

For mastering a stereo file is needed.


Consolidating / track export

Please do only send your multi tracks all starting from the beginning of the song (bar 1 beat 1) untill the end of the song. This means you have to consolidate every track and export it, so that all tracks start and end at the same time. All tracks have got to have the same length. So tracks that are just a few bars long also need to have the same length as the rest of the tracks. Only by doing so, we make sure that all instruments are playing at the correct time when I import them into my session.

When you export your tracks, please make sure that all effects and plug-ins are bypassed. Make sure that you leave enough space at the end of all the tracks for possible reverb tails.


Session organisation

It is in our both interest to keep the amount of tracks on the lower side. Because the amount of work will increase tremendously with the number of tracks, I have to add 4€ to my fee with every track exceeding the included number of 32 tracks.

There are ways to keep the track count low: Same instruments do not necessarily need to be on different tracks unless they overlap in their playing or have a totally different sound. For example: There is no need for a separate track for vocals in the verse and chorus.

Important: All instruments should always have their own tracks. One track should never have different instruments on it. For example backing vocals should not be on the same track as the guitar solo.


Track names / file names

Please name your track and files accordingly and send all needed files in a folder with an appropriate name (band name/artist/song name). If you are sending numerous songs for mixing or mastering, please organize each song in its own subfolder and name those accordingly as well.



Please make sure that all your tracks are not clipping. Clipping causes distortion and artefacts. When you export your files for mixing and mastering make sure there is enough headroom.



I recommend to send your multi tracks without effects. If there is a certain effect that is essential to the sound and is a creative input from you, please send me both ‐ one track with the effect and one without. This track will of course not be added to the total amount of tracks. Name both tracks accordingly and mention it in our Skype or FaceTime session.



Please print all your midi and instrument tracks and export them as audio tracks. I do only except audio tracks. The probability that I have the same midi instruments on my computer that you used in your project is very small.



Please make sure that you upload all the multi tracks from your project.


Daw projects

Unfortunately I can not except daw projects. I do always build a new one from the ground up on my system. Excepting other daw projects is always problematic for different reasons. Most projects from different daw’s are not easily interchangable. That means I can not load your cubase project into my Pro tools system. I’d rather start a mix fresh with just your recorded tracks.


Tuning and editing

It is in your best interest that all of your audio tracks are ready to be mixed. Tuning or timing problems are usually not corected automatically during the mixing process. If you want me to take care of tuning and timing problems, please let me know in advance. If I get the feeling that all the editing and tuning work will detract me from mixing, I will let you know. It will most likely influence the turn around because editing and tuning is a very time intensive work in most cases.


Reference mix

You have a reference mix of which you say that’s the sound that you are looking for, or you have a decent demo mix from which I can tell in what direction you want me to go? Please feel free and send those along with the rest of the multi tracks. Both is a very good clue for me to know what you are looking for. In addition we will talk about your vision of your song anyway in our Skype/Facetime call.

A commercially released song will only be used as a clue. The result of the mix is of course strongly tied to the quality of the performance and the recordings. If you give a Metallica track as a reference for your folk song, I will have a hard time matching that sound.


What can you expect from Premium Blend Mixing

Turn around

In most cases the turn around is about a week. If a mix takes longer because of a lot of other assignments, I will inform you. I that case you can back out from your order and I will refund you.



Revisions are included up to a month from the time of booking. Please inform me of any changes at least 24 hours in advance ,so that I can plan ahead accordingly.



Before I start mixing, I want to talk with you about your vision of your song. We can do this by Skype or Facetime. To get the mix of your dreams, it is important to know what you are dreaming of and what your expectations are.