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Amber Skye: Howlin

Mixing Amber Skye’s song Howlin was a lot of fun. The song itself is a very electronic pop song with a very haunting atmosphere. The title says it all. There’s a lot of howlin’ at the moonlight involved.

As soon as I started loading all the audio files to Amber Skye’s song Howlin into the session I realised pretty quickly that I would have a lot of organising to do. The bigger a session gets the more time you have to spend bringing everything in order before you can actually start mixing. After getting everything in order I always have listen with all the faders up to get a feel for the song, the structure and what it’s about. On the first run-through I already thought that the arrangement could benefit from a little bit of tweaking. In my opinion the chorus with it’s hook comes to early in the song. I decided to stretch out the first verse with ProTools elastic audio to create a second verse before the first chorus comes in. Listen to the original mix where the hook comes in so early that the song has less possibilities to build up to a powerful entrance of the chorus. And then listen to my finished mix of the song where I tried to make room for a gradual build up to the entrance of the hook.

My Mix

Go ahead and listen to my mix. Let me know what you think:

A look behind the curtain:

I invite you to take a look behind the scenes and enlarge this ProTools screenshot to see how I have approached my mix.

Amber Skye - Howlin, mix by Premium Blend Mixing

About the Artist:

Amber Skye is a New York based actor, singer and songwriter. Check out these sites to find out more about her:

Amber Skye Howlin mixed by Premium Blend Mixing


All Photos, Covers & Music kindly provided and copyright by Amber Skye.