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The online mastering service by Premium Blend Mixing is offering highest Quality for a flat rate with a fair discount system. As a mastering engineer I am the first neutral set of ears on your project. After working on a song for quite a while and getting so many different inputs from different people working on the project, you need someone with a new set of ears who can listen to your songs without bias. I am your first sounding board. I am here to transfer your mix to the best of my abilities to the different platforms we use today for music playback. I work with you to realise your dream.

fair flat rate with attractive discount system

My goal with my online mastering offer is to create the perfect balance between loudness, liveliness and expression. I correct frequencies, optimise the 3D sound field, work on the dynamics and bring the loudness to an industry standard level without loosing too much dynamics in your song. A harmonious and transparent master of your songs, with an improved sound quality will be the result.

thorough work and quality without compromise

Similar to my mixing services I use industry standard plug-ins from Waves, Softube, Plug-in Alliance, Nugen Audio, iZotope, SoundToys and other manufacturers in my mastering chain. Outstanding vintage emulations of tape machines, mastering eq’s and compressors will give your songs that much desired analog feel.

neutral and unbiased listening of your songs

Like many great audio engineers and producers today I work only “in the Box”. For a good mastering service you don’t necessarily need an analog desk or other analog outboard equipment like summing amps. Working only in the digital realm is in no way inferior anymore in quality than working in analog. Listen to my quality mixes and masters on the sample page on this website or right in the following box.

you can’t repair what you can’t hear

I am working with a high quality digital converter and a word clock from Apogee and an outstanding monitor path with a Dangerous Music monitor controller and monitor boxes from Focal and Alesis. This monitor path reveals all the little flaws and blemishes in the mix and help me get great sounding results. In addition to this I always control my work with my reference headphones from Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic.

same quality in different audio formats

With the help of these tools and particularly my ears I am able to fix usual mistakes that happen very often in the mixing process. All to often I get mixes that have too much or too little bass. A very harsh, nervous and therefore very tiring sound in the frequencies between 2kHz and 6kHz are also things I repair very often. Last but not least there are tons of mixes that are missing that sparkle in the upper Frequencies.

all ears for your wishes and desires

I offer all this for a very competitive flat rate that includes everything your songs need to get the perfect sound. No hidden fees, no hourly rates and no extra costs. With me you will always get the Premium Blend Mastering Service.

online mastering service for a fair price

You will see that my price-performance ratio is unbeatable. Especially for the thorough work that I do, my specialised knowledge and experience and the results that I achieve. You can be sure that I will always work in your best interest to sculp the sound after your wishes and ideas. There is no compromise when it comes to getting the perfect sound that you are looking for.

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If you still have questions, you can get in touch with me via email or just fill out my contact form and I will be happy to answer them as soon as possible!




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