Premium Blend Mixing
Premium Blend Mixing

Online Mastering Service

Premium Blend Mixing offers an industry quality online mastering service for all kinds of music genres.

Having questions?

Tel: 0043 680 2012656

Equipped with the knowledge and the gear, Premium Blend Mixing is more than capable of handling your recordings and give you the best result that you can imagine.

If you are stuck creatively and can’t see the wood for all the trees and don’t know where to go with your song, Premium Blend Mixing is also happy to give creative inputs and help with the overall production of your songs as needed.


With me your master will always get the Premium Blend!

Premium Blend Mixing always works as close as possible with the artist and tries to get as much input from the artist to achieve the result, that the artist was looking for. With me, you will get the best results possible. I make no distinction between a standard master with only basic DAW plugins and supreme masters with higher quality plug-ins.


Mastering your songs to perfection!

Premium Blend Mixing offers mastering services if you have a finished stereo mix that needs the final touch up.


Consultation for individual results!

My Mastering Service includes a Facetime or Skype consultation. I want to:

  • get to know you,
  • learn what you expect from my services,
  • know what your music references are and what idea of a sound you have for your song.


Premium Blend Prices

There are no hidden fees but a simple flat rate. I will use all tools at my disposal to tease out the best sound possible for your work. I always strive to even exceed your expectations. I will never compromise on quality.

If you have questions feel free to contact me here.

What does it sound like?

Check out my recent before and after Samples to see why you should definitely consider my services.


You can easily wire me your files online via WeTransfer.

Or just hook me up on your Dropbox Project-Folder.

Click here to learn how to transfer your data!


Including mastering! The flat rate that includes everything to give your song the Premium Blend.
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Mastering only

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