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Premium Blend Mixing

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As a mixing engineer i am here to assisst the artists with their vision. If you have questions please feel free to contact me any time by filling out the contact form or by sending me an e-mail. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mixing service with great price-performance ratio!

With an audio engineering diploma from SAE New York and a masters degree in piano education/performance from the University of Music in Vienna and furthermore years of experience in mixing and mastering music of all genres, I am your first choice on the online mixing service market to shape your songs to your wishes and liking. I am a musician myself and have been working together with other musicians for more than two decades. I know exactly how frustrating it can be if you have been working for hours on a song also recording it and still not get the sound that you have in your mind at the end. That is all over now! Let me mix your songs and I will do my utmost to get exactly the sound that you are looking for.

I mix with a Console 1 and emulations of a SSL and a Neve board.

A lot of world class mixing engineers, like Andrew Scheps and Engineers / Producers alike, work exclusively "in the box" nowadays – including me. That means I don’t use any analog gear like mixing consoles or other analog outboard gear. Indstaed I do all mixing work on the computer. I am only using high quality equipment like AD/DA converter and word clock from Apogee. Most noteworthy is my outstanding monitor path with a Dangerous Music monitor controller and monitor boxes from Focal and Alesis. Due to this I can hear your work exactly as it is. In addition I always control my mixes with my benchmark headphones form Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser.

Best quality mixes without compromise!

I mainly mix with a Console 1 from Suftube and two of the best emulations of classic mixing boards from SSL and Neve. In addition I use market leading plug-ins form Waves, Softube, iZotope, Plugin Alliance, Nugen Audio and many more as needed.

With the help of these tools and most of all my ears I am able to give your songs that perfect balance.

I offer a competitive flat rate that includes everything to get the best sound out of your songs. You will find no hidden fees and no hourly rates. You will always get the Premium Blend Mixing Service here!

Benchmark Equipment from Apogee, Dangerous Music, Focal, Sennheiser and many more.

For the thorough work that I do and for the specialist knowledge and experience that I have and most importantly for the great results that I achieve you will see that I offer an amazing price-performance ratio. You can be sure that in all conscience I will do the utmost possible to create the best sound for your recordings. There will be no compromise when it comes to the quality of my work. Listen for yourself. Go to the samples page to check out my latest mixes.

Competitive flat rate and attractive discounts!

My mixing service includes a consultation via Skype or Facetime. I want to know from you what outcome you expect and what your wishes and ideas are for your song. Necessary revisions are included up to a month starting from the day you book my mixing service. As needed I will naturally use all the tools at my disposal to get the best possible sound for your work. Without compromise.




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Premium Blend
Mixing Service:

  • Consultation via Facetime / Skype
  • Up to 32 tracks
    (each additional track: 4 €)
  • Free revisions
    (Up to a month from the day of booking)
  • 5-7 days workaround